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Experience the joy of sun-kissed beaches in Maharashtra

Seek solace in the melody of pristine waves, and relive your childhood while collecting conches and shells. You have a convenient getaway for your mini-vacation. Nestled on the western coast of Maharashtra, is the town of Alibaug, a popular getaway destination for urbanites living in the nearby metropolis.  Picturesque beaches, coconut groves, mango orchards, and ancient breath taking fortress that are relics of the great Maratha past. Every sea-lovers paradise, it is an ideal place for a short and laze beach vacation. Other than beaches, it offers you beautiful temples, scrumptious sea food meal and bustling weekend bazaars. It is town blessed with nature’s bounty. Located only 120kms away from Mumbai, Alibaug is a headquarter of Raigarh district.

Country India
Languages spokenMarathi, Hindi, English
Currency usedRupees

Sports & nature

In Alibaug, every beach has a novel view and an experience to offer. Nagaon beach is black rocky beach and has beautiful, well-furnished home stays, hotels, and resorts to stay enjoy the sea view. Akshi Beach is covered with suru groves, and has a scenic view ideal for photo shoots. Khim Beach has attracted visitors, because of its pristine waters and tranquil surrounding.  After becoming a popular and convenient holiday spot, these beaches also offer you amazing sea sports like parasailing, Jet Ski, and surfing that will allow you to play with the waves.

Forts are an important part of Alibaug tour. You can’t afford to the miss the magic of these ancient relics, whose strength has stood the atrocities of times. The Kolaba fort in Alibaug is worth seeing, built in the times of Maratha, this fortress exemplifies the Maratha architecture that resonates in the Medieval Indian History. Another magnificent and overwhelming fort is Murud Janjira. It is believed that this was the only fort which was not conquered by Shivaji, because of its perilous location. This fort is located amidst the colossal Arabian Sea in Murud. The visitors have to take a boat ride to reach this fort. This fort will leave you to spell bound, with the amazing scenic view that it offers the tourists. Being embraced by sea, this fort astonishes visitors with the reservoirs of fresh water that manage to remain clean within this fort. These forts are every trekker's delight, because it offers the similar thrill of rock climbing.

Nightlife info

Other than wandering freely on the beaches and fort-climbing. There’s nothing that Alibaug will offer as a part of your night life.

Culture and history info

Other than scenic sandy beaches, this coastal town has a great historic past. According to few historians, this place was developed by Shivaji Maharaj, but this town was developed Kanojhi Angare, a naval officer in Shivaji’s army in the 17th century. Originally, Raigarh was addressed as Kolaba. The Raigarh fort was the seat of Shivaji the great, where he was coronated as the king. This place was named after Israelite Jew, Ali, who owned sprawling mango orchards and coconut groves that grew in this place. Hence, it came to be known as Ali’s garden or Alibaug.

This place is mainly occupied by farming and fishing communities. An exclusive Jewish community thrives in this place, because of the ancestral Jewish Diaspora. There are few temples that hold a prominent place in the beliefs of villagers. Kankeshwar temple, Datta temple, and Nageshwar temple, Kankeshwar temple is one of the oldest shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. Situated on a hillock, this temple is accompanied by 500 steps. Nageshwar and Datta temple hold importance because of the yatra and fair that are held in the temple premises. These both temples have yatras, which occur between November and January. The vicinity of the temples is bustling, with natives and other visitors, while the temples are splendidly decorated with flowers and lights.  Festivals that have a magnitude for the locals are Pola and Nag Panchami. Being mainly populated by farming community, these two festivals are primarily associated with farms and agriculture. During Pola, bulls are magnificently bedecked, and villagers congregate at one place to exhibit the bulls and oxen that they own.

In the Alibaug itself, there are small shops that sell handicraft articles. To taste the real flavours of this place, fairs are the best occasion to visit. This is the time, wherein the small traders come together to sell the specialities of this place. Therefore, grab the opportunity to visit fairs and shop for things from these small stalls.

Sirtaki Hotel

Sirtaki Hotel

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