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The land of five hills

Elope into a space that pulsates of serenity. Greenery, lakes and plateaus and the spectacular view of the Krishna River, everything that will leave you enchanted.  Panchgani, the land of five hills is known for its pristine and clean environment, which is a holistic retreat for you. This place has interesting things to offer to the visitors. It is supposedly a healing point for the people, who suffer from chronic respiratory disorders because it is enveloped by unpolluted and untarnished air. This quaint hill station is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra.

Country India
Languages spokenMarathi, Hindi, English
Currency usedRupees
Area (km2) Distance from Mumbai: 280 kms

Sports & nature

Nature has truly bestowed its bliss on this place with wooded forests, magnificent fruit groves and scenic plateaus. Parsi houses and the quaint British quarter will mesmerise you with its old charm. There are many activities that you can indulge in Panchgani. If you are planning to immerse yourself in nature, then poni rides will help you to accomplish it. It is a small trail through the enchanting virgin jungles, marvellous green valleys, uncanny oak forests, and a small walk through the beautiful hamlets that offers you a breathtaking and exotic view of the landscapes. Being a hill station, this place offers water sports in Tapola. Other than this, there are various other points one can explore, the famous Tableland, which is a flat land expanse situated at a higher altitude and is Asia's second largest mountain plateau. Another point located in the proximity is the shooting point, which offers a magical view. Parsi point offers a picturesque view of the backwaters of Dhom Dam and Krishna valley, while Sydney Point attracts visitors with its alluring view of Pandavgarh and Mandardevi hills. Rajapuri caves are situated 10kms away from Panchgani holds a primary religious importance, because of the presence of Karthikeya temple in the vicinity.

Laxmi Strawberry Farm is situated in the heart of Strawberry Fields in Mahabaleshwar- Panchgani, Amidst the valley offering the most panoramic view

Table Land, with an elevation of 4,550 ft above sea level, is the highest point in Panchgani. Credited as Asia’s second longest mountain plateau, it is a vast expanse of flat laterite rock surrounded by hills. The 95 acres area of the attraction is beautifully carpeted with the tiny blue bonnet and star, along with other grasses that grow in the month of August and September.

Apart from shielding the destination from strong winds and heavy rains, the place also offers an aerial view of the entire town and the valleys located nearby. The place also contains several avenues of entertainment like horse riding, merry go rounds, mini trains, food stalls and a couple of games counters. Owing to is elevation, the place also offers an aerial view of the Rajpuri Caves and Devil’s Kitchen.

Sydney Point : Located at a distance of just 3 Kms from Panchgani, Sydney Point is famous for providing charming views of the Krishna Valley, Dhom Dam, Kamalgad Fort and the city of Wai. The name of the point was named after Sir Sidney Beck warth, Commander in Chief of the council.

Nightlife info

During the day one can indulge in outdoor activities, whilst in the night in you could enjoy an amazing camping experience amidst the hills.


Culture and history info

During the British era, this place was declared as a summer resort. A British officer encountered this place while trotting the Western Ghats. He was so enticed by the beauty and refreshing climate of this place that he declared this place as a summer or a retirement resort for the British officers. Therefore, this place also has the reminiscences of the British past that are present in the form in the form of cottages and little architecture. Being the oldest inhabitants, Parsis also contribute to the distinct culture of Panchgani. Strawberries are the medium through, which people earn their livelihood here. Every summer is the time for the Strawberry festival, which will satiate your sweet tooth. You get to taste varied and scrumptious forms of Strawberry-like sweet Charlie, KamaRoza and tempting treats like delicious Chocoberrywitch, Strawberry chocolate pizzas and Strawberry Bhels.  This festival is also a great occasion to enjoy the specialities of the culture. There is a plethora of savouries, delicacies and other handicrafts like jams, chutneys, litchi crush, honey, fruit juices and candies at the bazaar. Mala’s Jam, Madhusagar Honey, Channa and Kholapuri Chappals are popular amongst the visitors. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with zeal and gaiety in this place.

Beautiful Bungalow in Panchgani

Beautiful Bungalow in Panchgani

, Panchgani
Located away from the city din, this enchanting bungalow stands on the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani Road More info

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