What can be better than a juicy, red, flavourful and sweet strawberry? A self picked, farm-fresh juicy, red, flavourful, sweet strawberry of course!

Laxmi Strawberry Farm is situated in the heart of Strawberry Fields in Mahabaleshwar, Amidst the valley offering the most panoramic view. Do call if you are interested in Farms Trips.

To Serve Fresh Strawberries to our customers.

If you or your child loves strawberries, a trip to Panchgani or Mahableshwar is not to be missed. Panchgani located at a height of about 4,300 feet from sea level is a popular destination for Mumbai and Pune folks looking for a dose of fresh air and scenic views. What most holiday goers don’t know is that about 87% of India’s strawberries come from the farms in Mahabaleshwar. Strawberry season starts around November and continues till March so early February seemed the best time for us to plan a strawberry picking day trip from Mumbai.

Know Your Strawberry

Visiting a Laxmi strawberry farm helps people gain knowledge about the different varieties of strawberries grown, and when to pluck them in India. This tour, in turn, helps those people who love cultivation and intends to set up a strawberry farm of their own. While there are myriad of strawberry, these varieties also differ in taste.

A strawberry is ready to be harvested four to six weeks after blossoming. A strawberry plant may contain ripe strawberries as well as the unripe ones. Only the red and ripe ones should be plucked, and the other should be left as it is. Rather than pulling the Berry, it should be cut using a scissors or blade. With Your Hand While in a market, you are left with the only option of choosing strawberries from the pile that is displayed. But when visiting the farm, you are given a better choice to handpick your own strawberries.

Better Nutrition

It is scientifically proven that strawberries and almost all the fruits are alive, even after being plucked. They respirate as well as metabolize. But as days pass on their metabolism rate decreases, reducing their nutritional value. So it’s best to eat the strawberries as soon as you pluck them out. Fresh berries are an eminent source of Vitamin C, that helps in building up resistance against infections and harmful free radicals. It is also an excellent antioxidant.

Great Days Out for Couples

strawberry picking season in mahabaleshwar is a gratifying activity. Its best suited to couples, as it creates fond and extravagant memories. It’s always great to have some fun and relaxation outdoors. The scenic views add up to your time in the farms, helping you weave beautiful memories together.  Mahabaleshwar is a hill station famous for it’s pleasant climate. The strawberry farms activity & strawberry festival in Mahabaleshwar would be anicing on cake for the young couple who would like to spend their romantic holidays.

Education and Fun

The strawberry farms offer both kids and family, opportunities to learn about the plants, and the various factors affecting it. Strawberry Farms helps boost motor skills, as you can see your kids carefully plucking strawberries out with their tiny fingers, and immediately popping it into their mouth, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Strawberry farm visiting also helps in sensory learning, as people touch, taste, see, feel and listen to their surroundings. A strawberry farm visit makes your children capable of understanding, all the factors related to strawberry farming, like when will the berries be ready for harvesting? What are the bugs and pests that affect the crop? Etc.

Connect With Earth and Help Farmers in Business

While visiting a strawberry farm, as much as you enjoy and take in the surroundings, you are also helping the farmers in their business. When you buy the strawberries, you are in turn helping them with financial support, letting them continue farming. Furthermore, you are uniting with earth. Firsthand you see where your favorite berries come from, and all those hard work that is put in by the farmers, to make them available for people to gulp down.

Explore the beautiful aspects of farming, while you walk in through the strawberry farms this season. Don’t afford to miss the Strawberry farm visits this season, because a beautiful time awaits you. Mahabaleshwar strawberry farm stay is an unique experience one should must have.

Mahabaleshwar Strawberry Farm Stay:

Strawberries from the famous Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani belt of Maharashtra, India are popular. Around 2,000 farmers with more than 3000 acres are involved in strawberry cultivation in around Mahabaleshwar. The cold climate and red soil of the region make it suitable for growing the fruit and give it a unique taste. Sweet Charlie variety of California, Camarosa, Winter Dawn, Rania and Nabila are the notable varieties cultivated in around Mahabaleshwar.

All these facts & pleasant environment create an opportunity for travellers to enjoy the different variety of strawberry. handpick  some of the Strawberry Farms around  Mahabaleshwar, pachgani & wai region.  So lets arrange Strawberry Farm tour this season with family & friends.


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